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Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD is often believed to be a condition that occurs only in children. ADD is not really considered to be a condition that happens in adults. In the US about 5% of children have this disorder. It is believed that the condition is outgrown with age but studies show that 30 to 70% of kids suffering from this condition would carry the symptoms in adulthood. It would come as a surprise then if family members would notice adult ADD symptoms in a family member. Not so long ago, an adult suffering from ADD symptoms will be labeled as cantankerous, impulsive, bad tempered or hyperactive as not so many people are aware that this kind of condition generally believed to happen only to kids can also occur in adults. Even the person with ADD may not be aware that what he/she is suffering from are adult ADD symptoms.

So what is ADD and what are the symptoms of this disorder? Attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common mental disorder that occurs in children. Children with ADD would seldom excel in school and would have poor social relationship because they generally feel inadequate because of low self esteem. Symptoms would vary but the most prevalent are hyperactivity and manifestation of impulsive behavior. People with adult ADD would have poor mental focus. People afflicted with this disorder would find it very difficult to concentrate as they are easily distracted. It is not uncommon for these people to leave started tasks unfinished as they easily get bored. Their inattention would cause them to misplace things. They would also find it difficult to stick to schedules. Surprisingly, some people with ADD can be very tenacious and single minded. They would not stop until the task is finished.

 Even in this day and age, the exact cause of ADD is yet to be determined although the disorder is associated with the genes. This mental disorder commonly develops in family members. A parent that takes the child to the doctor for treatment may realize that he or she is also suffering from adult ADD symptoms. This condition is also associated with brain abnormalities caused by injuries or trauma.

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Adult ADD, just like any other kind of health concern would need treatment. Although some great people like Einstein, Churchill and Leonardo de Vinci are known to have adult ADD. In spite of the condition, these people have excelled in their fields. Left untreated, adult ADD can have unwanted effects on the lives of people with this mental disorder. Adult ADD is believed to have genetic components thus taking the family history would be necessary. Other examinations like MRI, EEG, CT and psycho educational testing have to be performed. Stimulants are drugs proven to be efficacious to people with adult ADD. Relaxation and stress management, behavioral coaching would help people manifesting adult ADD symptoms. These behavioral treatments as well as the family support would help the person with ADD manage the condition. Of course you should take everything you read with a grain of salt, this website is not a proper substitute for proper medical attention we simply aim help you get informed and make your own decisions



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